Quote of the Week: Fulton Sheen

“Why is sin possible? Because we are free. You can tell a man he ought to do something, but in his will he can resist. Sin lies in the abuse of freedom. It has something to do with a wrong or an evil choice. We never sin without the will. We can take two attitudesContinue reading “Quote of the Week: Fulton Sheen”

Quote of the Week: Saint Augustine

“You stir us so that praising you may bring us joy, because you have made us and drawn us to yourself, and our heart is unquiet until it rests in you.” (Confessions, I, 1, 1, Maria Boulding, O.S.B. translation)(italics mine) When a lawyer makes a case in defense of a client, he does with anContinue reading “Quote of the Week: Saint Augustine”

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