The Best Version of Ourselves

In the US of A, it is commonly accepted that an Education is only a means for us to get skills to get a good job. While this is true in some respects, Education is much more than just job training. Education stretches the mind, and opens our eyes; Education expands our outlook on everything, and challenges our beliefs. Education, at its core, takes us to the top of the mountain of our humanity, thus understanding how to lead a happy life.

A job is essential to live, but it is not what we live for. A job is a means to grow in wealth, but wealth is only what we use to get stuff. In other words, wealth is not what we live life for. So, why put so much emphasis on our jobs? Why do we, collectively as Americans, think it is OK to sacrifice everything else for the sake of our careers? This philosophy drains us, burns us, and in the end, kills us. To change the way we live, we must start by changing the way we think. This is where Education comes into play.

Education is more than job training. Education is a transmission of values, a challenge to the mind, and a lens to the world around us. Classical thinkers, like Plato, thought that the end of Education was the welfare of the individual and society. Classical thinkers, unlike Modern Thinkers, were holistic in thought. Plato understood that a true Education satisfied not only our desire to live comfortably (where we needed job training), but it also satisfied our desire for Truth (Mind), and our desire to do Good (Heart).

In other words, a good Education is meant to satisfy us in more ways than just financially; Education is meant to help us become the men and women we are meant to be. Once we understand and appreciate what an Education truly is, it becomes our guide, taking us to the top of the mountain that is called “The Best Version of Ourselves.”

2 thoughts on “The Best Version of Ourselves

  1. A great post and a great picture. Yes, self education is the best one can do for one’s own education. And one can arrange it in whatever way one desires and carry it out in whatever pace suitable to one’s situation.

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  2. The Education you speak of, that leads to one’s happiness in life, does the education and knowledge come from systematic teaching or do you say life and it’s experiences are our greatest teacher?

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