• The 3 Goals of Reading
    For everything we do, we do with a goal in mind. The moment we walk out the door, we do so with a purpose. From the most  important tasks to the most trivial, we have an end in mind. The late great Stephen R. Covey, in his highly regarded book, The 7 Habits of HighlyContinue reading “The 3 Goals of Reading”
  • The Idea Collection
    In this new digital era, information is at your fingertips. Do you want to know how tall is the Eiffel Tower? Google it. How about if you want to know why is the sky blue? Ask Siri. You get the picture. The point is, to read a physical book has become a relic of theContinue reading “The Idea Collection”
  • The Best Version of Ourselves
    In the US of A, it is commonly accepted that an Education is only a means for us to get skills to get a good job. While this is true in some respects, Education is much more than just job training. Education stretches the mind, and opens our eyes; Education expands our outlook on everything,Continue reading “The Best Version of Ourselves”
  • The Cultivation of Mind and Heart
    Felons get a bad reputation, but with good reason. They picked up one end of the stick, and as a consequence, picked up the other end of that stick. All of this is self evident, but what is not evident, and needs an eloquent answer is: how do we approach rehabilitation? How do we prepareContinue reading “The Cultivation of Mind and Heart”
  • The Common Denominator
    Anybody who has met a successful individual is always initially starstruck and is usually left in awe. They admire these individuals, and they aspire to reach the top of the mountain that these leaders have reached. However, most people do not make it to the top and they assume, correctly, that this is because they’veContinue reading “The Common Denominator”
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